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    Product show >>Automobile decoration strip

    Automobile decoration strip


     The automobile decoration strip uses the polyvinyl-chloride material to make, needs to carry on the decoration effect according to the pia mater different color processing, weathering resistance, never changes color, after blows the flower only to need the thin sandpaper to polish gently may luminous like new.
    Uses the automobile body protects the strip decoration strip on the automobile, increased the automobile body side esthetic sense, tallies highly with the automobile body radian, lasting durable does not distort.At the same time, to vehicle door switch when easy to knock against the body varnish has provided the effective protection.
    Nearby the automobile gate protects the strip
     This series product is suitable for each kind of vehicle decoration, clear rain files decoration and body trim automobile body anti-collision and so on.
    Other uses:
    Automobile body glass decoration
    Each kind of box packing decoration
    Motorcycle fuel tank and front plate decoration
    Each kind of electrical appliances decoration
    Side each kind of flare decoration
    The furniture seals the side strip, the decoration strip
    Washer and electric refrigerator,
    Electric appliance decorations and so on air conditioning air outlet

    Product schematic drawing:
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