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  • The building class windows and doors-curtain wall

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    Product show >>The aluminum alloy, models the steel windows and d

    The aluminum alloy, models the steel windows and d
     The packing in the wooden gate, the burglar-proof door, on rollers gate, each kind of aluminum models the windows and doors and so on in other windows and doors to play the very essential role.Most obvious is quakeproof, On-line installs it after door shield reduced (even vanishes) closed (window) when collided the sound,Gets up a protective function to the door leaf edge, And lengthened the gate life, reduced the noise.Next is the seal, the absorption of shock, inside and outside the isolation room the air,Effective played a heat preservation, the energy conservation role, moreover could prevent the mosquito and so on the small insect drilled to the room in
    Major role:
    Major role Windproo Separates the light Anti-collision Sound insulation Separates the smoke Waterproofing
    Manufacture standard:
    1st, GB12002-89 "Models Steel Windows and doors To use Packing"
    2nd, GB320 281NAF05-2000 "Construction Curtain wall Uses Cured rubber Packing"
    3rd, ISO3934(GB10712) "Construction Rubber Gasket - Seals Glass window And Panel Takes shape In advance Solid Core Cured rubber Material - Standard"
    Section Map
    Section Map
    Section Map
    6×8×3.5 15×2.5×6 3.5×7×12
    20×15×8 3.5×15×8.5 2.5×8×7.5
    4.5×9.5×6 13×6 8×5×3
    6.5×8×3 3.5×6×13 11.5×7×3
    15×8×5.5 15×3×5 5.2×3×7
    3.5×12×8 10.3×8×5 7.5×6.5×3.7
    16×8.3×4.8 11.8×8.5×3 13×8×4.8
    16×10×4.8 12.8×10×3 10.8×8.7×4.4
    9×9.5×3.6 11×6.3×3 9.5×8.5×5
    12.5×5.8×3 13×8.3×5.2 11.8×10×6
    ■.Packing installs the schematic drawing

    The aluminum alloy windows and doors series packing installs the schematic drawing

    Models the steel windows and doors series packing to install the schematic drawing
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